Geek Boom Games

  • Here at the store we have been adding to our in store game library. Over the past few months we have gone from a only four or five to well over 40 different titles! We have played a great number of them and here a few we suggest and why!   We LOVE this game. You are tasked with collecting precious gems to entice the Nobel’s to come and pay you a visit. You must [...]
  • HeroClix

    August 9, 2017 0
    Have you ever heard of HeroClix? Yes? Great! No? Well, here’s my perspective! We just recently got in HeroClix and I must say….it seems like it will be fun! We did play one round with a Guardians of the Galaxy Starter Set. The starter set came with everything for two people to play. It has 6 characters, play mat, 2 D6 dice, obstacle tokens, character cards, and instructions. We had somebody help in explaining the [...]

The Geek Boom News Room

  • We have been given a NEW Batman storyline! I know, you’re thinking “Another Batman comic, great”, but wait! This new story line is proving to be unlike anything in the past. It is darker, more gritty, the illustrations are awesome, and well….it’s not just Batman, but an entire DC Universe! [...]
  • Babyteeth

    June 14, 2017 0
    So, I finally got a chance to read the new comic “Babyteeth”. When we ordered this particular title, I was intrigued by the both the title and the potential story line. So, here is the description given from Diamond Previews about the first issue: Babyteeth #1 Sadie Ritter is sixteen [...]

Upcoming BIG Events

  • We are now taking sign up’s for our next round of Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures League. The league will begin May 26th, 2017. The cost is still only $5 for 6 weeks of battle! If you would like to join in our league please stop by the store and sign [...]
  •   Every Saturday until July 1, 2017 we will be hosting a FREE Magic the Gathering Standard Showdown at 1pm. Players are encouraged to come in and play in a “Casually Competitive” Standard format game. The top 3 winners are given Sealed Prize Packs from Wizards containing Random Amonkhet cards! [...]