DC Deck Builder Love

DC Deck Builder

Bat ManScott and I play DC Deck Builder almost nightly. We enjoy the fact that it’s easy to learn, easier to play, and is constantly changing. We have become creative in our game play too! We’ve tried using 2 Super Heroes at one (that was a fast game), the Green Arrow Expansion (completely changes how you play the game), we get to pick who we want to play as (nobody ever wants Aquaman ), and we get to battle out the days frustrations with a fun game! We now have the Original Core Game, the Heroes Unite core, and the Green Arrow Expansion! We can’t ever say enough on how much fun this game is! If you want to check it out, stop by, I’ll get out one of ours for you to look at! You won’t be sorry you own this game!

The fundamentals of the game: Each player chooses a Super Hero (who gives you special abilities throughout the game), receives 7 Punch cards (worth 1 Power each) and 3 Vulnerabilities (worth nothing and you don’t want to keep them). A Super Villain is turned face up (Ra’s al Ghul is always first) and 5 cards from the “Main Deck” are laid out in the center. You shuffle your 10 cards, draw 5, add up the “Power” on each card, and see if you can “purchase” any of the 5 cards laid out. You also have the option of buying “Kicks” which give you +2 Power. Each player takes turns building their decks with the cards they buy. There are Equipment, Hero, Villain, Location, and Super Power cards that you build your hands with, each giving you something special. The goal is to defeat each Super Villain, AND have more points at the end of the game to beat the other players. It’s simple to play, and still always changing and always fun!