Star Wars X-Wing Game

Why I love Star Wars X-Wing

Star Wars X-Wing

Did you know we have a Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures League? Well, we do! It’s $5 for 6 weeks of battle! You can’t find a better deal than that anywhere around! On top of that, it’s just awesome to play! Scott plays against other customer’s and occasionally we play against each other. We both enjoy taking the time to build our fleet, add on expansions and special abilities, and then it’s on like Donkey Kong! I have found that I like to play as Scum (haha) and Scott usually whips out his Rebels!

You pick your ships, your expansions and abilities, and lay them out on the mat. You have special maneuver dials that show what your ships can do, you select your maneuvers, measure them out, take an action (don’t forget your actions), and then once you have both moved and performed actions IT’S SHOOTING TIME!! The last man standing wins! I have not won yet, but that doesn’t discourage me from playing along! This game is not just a “Man’s Game” but more an ANYBODY’S game! Our kids love to play it, I love it (girls like Star Wars too), and well our biggest kids (the men in our lives) really enjoy it!