Star Wars Destiny

Star Wars DestinyWe are Star Wars fans from the get go, but Star Wars Destiny has got us hooked on yet ANOTHER form of the ever popular franchise! This game combines the appeal of a deck builder but also dice rolling! You play as select Star Wars characters (like Rey, Finn, Kylo, or a Stormtrooper), build your deck using weapon upgrades, support cards, or events. A standard Starter Deck has everything you need to begin playing, but there are booster packs that you can buy to further expand your decks. We have enjoyed battling it out on different battlefields, using different characters and upgrades, and trying our best to be the Champion of the Star Wars Destiny deck builder!

Pros-Multiple ways to change your play, quick game play, fills your need for both a card game and dice roller, easy to learn/teach, family friendly

Cons-Need for booster packs to keep expanding your deck, need to be at least 10+ to understand the cards, hard to find due to limited quantity

Looking forward we hope to be able to carry Destiny in our store at all times, host events, and play as much as possible! For now though, if you have some Destiny, bring it in, play it, teach it, show it off! We will!