Have you ever heard of HeroClix? Yes? Great! No? Well, here’s my perspective! We just recently got in HeroClix and I must say….it seems like it will be fun! We did play one round with a Guardians of the Galaxy Starter Set. The starter set came with everything for two people to play. It has 6 characters, play mat, 2 D6 dice, obstacle tokens, character cards, and instructions. We had somebody help in explaining the process of the game, and it is quick moving but it takes time to look up all the options for each character you play. I liked the fact you can pick your characters and the dials are easy enough to click through for your damage. ┬áThere are great blind bag boosters you can get to add on to your characters, other sets, and loads of options to make your game more unique. We have been hosting HeroClix Booster Drafts in the store, and having random “Free Play” for HeroClix lovers to meet up and play the game! Everyone has really enjoyed the Draft and playing with new characters! We have a HUGE selection of HeroClix to choose from, and we are constantly adding to our inventory! Be sure to stop in and check out all our HeroClix, sign up for a tournament, and possibly win some AWESOME characters to add to your HeroClix collection!