Games and Why We Love Them


Here at the store we have been adding to our in store game library. Over the past few months we have gone from a only four or five to well over 40 different titles! We have played a great number of them and here a few we suggest and why!



We LOVE this game. You are tasked with collecting precious gems to entice the Nobel’s to come and pay you a visit. You must be the first person to collect 15 prestige points to win the game. This game requires some strategy and being quick on your toes. You use the color gem tokens to purchase the gem cards. The numbers on the bottom left indicate how many of each gem you need to purchase the card desired. Prestige points are located in the top left of the cards. Once you reach 15 prestige points, the game is over! This is a fairly quick paced game for 2-4 players. Splendor has quickly become a family favorite for us!


This is another family friendly game we play almost every weekend. Barenpark is a “Tetris like” game in which players have to try to build the best bear park. You choose your starting park piece and then lay down your tiles. Each park piece has blank spaces or “occupied” spaces. These “occupied” spaces allow you to either choose a special piece to play from the piece board or you can add a new park tile. You have to fill each tile EXCEPT for the roped off hole. Once you fill the tile you can then place a bear statue. The first player to fill four park tiles ends the game, BUT the player with the MOST points wins! This games is for 2-4 players and moves fairly quickly. Our smaller kids up to the older ones and adults really enjoy this game. 














Yogi is a riot to play! This game of is full of silly poses and even sillier faces! It’s great for up to 10 players and even small kids can play if they can read. You have to do what each card says and maintain whatever action for the duration of the game. The orange cards mean you must use that card in the action, while the green cards you just do the action and place the card in front of you. This card is like Twister but without the huge game tarp! It’s been a store favorite with kids and adults (even grandparents play this one)! This is a game you MUST TRY just to see how much fun it really is!
















This is a game of strategy and quick thinking. You take turns drawing a tile blindly and placing it on the board. Once you place your tile you move your stone along it’s path. If your tile lines up with another color stones path then that stone must move too. The first person to run off the board loses. This game is great for 2-8 players and moves VERY FAST. You can play multiple games in a short time. This is a great game to try if you just trying to kill time or introduce someone new to a new game that is easy to learn and quick to play.

So if you want to try these great games out or any of the others we have in our in store library, please stop in and let us show you how to play! You won’t be sorry for dipping your toes into the wonderful world of board games!