Subscription or Pull Lists

  • Subscriptions, or pulls are a system by which customers may sign up to receive their regularly released single issues or graphic novels of one or more titles.
  • Subscribers are granted priority on series they are subscribed to. Meaning they have their comics set aside before they are put out for general sale.
  • If we can not full fill a subscription for any reason the customer will be put on a list to fill ASAP.
  • Subscribers are expected to come in at least once a month to purchase their subscription items.
  • If subscribers do not pick up their items with in two months the following will occur.
    • Their pull will be frozen, meaning no new material will be added to their pull list.
    • They will have 3 weeks to contact us and pick up at least 50% of their pulls to unfreeze their subscription.
    • If after 3 weeks of seeing nor hearing from you your subscription and all benefits will be dissolved.

Game Room/ Reservations

  • We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Scheduled events and reservations will be given priority over walk-in groups. This means that if we run out of space, we may have to ask your group to give up their table.
  • Table space will not be used for bags, purses, coats or any other personal belongings and all belongings will be contained to the one reserved table area.
  • All table usage will require either a drivers license or $5.00 deposit. When all tables and chairs are returned to their original state of placement and cleanliness all deposits will be returned.
  • To reserve a table please call us during business hours at (812)316-0372
  • Our goal is to provide a safe and friendly environment in which all people can come together to enjoy the wonderful world of comics and gaming. The Geek Boom is a family friendly environment which means we do not allow:
    • Offensive Language
    • Harassment
    • Violent or Threatening Behavior
    • Offensive Body Odor and bodily functions
    • Discrimination
    • Stealing
  • If you or a member of your group is found to be in violation of these policies you and your party will all be asked to leave without refund of any deposits (when applicable). We also reserve the right to ban you from our store and/or involve the authorities if necessary.

Card Buying

  • We will buy Magic the Gathering cards anytime during business hours (when staff is available).
  • We will only buy cards for store credit.
  • Cards must be valued at $5.00 or more through
  • We will buy singles for 50% of market price rounded to the nearest dollar. See for reference.
  • We reserve the right to not purchase singles. Reasons may include but not limited to:
    • Condition of the card
    • Pre-existing inventory
    • Price/Cost of the card


  • You will have 2 months to pay off your layaway from the start date.
  • Minimum $10 down payment or 20% of total (which ever is greater) for layaway due at start of the layaway.
  • Requires at least one payment of 25% of balance every thirty days.
  • All deposits and payments are non refundable. 
  • You will receive contact via phone and email when your final payment is due. If your balance is not paid for 3 business days (Sundays and Mondays do not count) days after your final payment is due the item will be put back up for sale, any and all funds put toward the layaway will be forfeited.