Keyforge is coming in NOV.


This year at Gen Con, Fantasy Flight Games showed the world KeyForge: Call of the Archons, it is truly the  “world’s first Unique Deck Game.” Designed by Richard Garfield, the man who brought us Magic: The Gathering, this is the game that will finally give Magic and Hearthstone a run for their money. Today we learned that it will be released in time for Christmas! This will make an awesome Christmas gift for any game player.

Unlike traditional CCGs (collectable card games), which rely on gamers buying randomized booster packs and building their own decks of cards, KeyForge will be sold by the deck. Each deck will be created through procedural generation, making each one unique.

Beth is learning to play Keyforge

How unique could a deck be? KeyForge’s procedural generation engine is capable of creating 104 quadrillion different decks or 32 billion unique decks of cards for every person on the planet Earth and that’s just using the cards created for the game’s initial release later this year.

Unlike any other collectible card game on the market, KeyForge is a collectible “Unique Deck Game” – meaning in each “booster” you are randomly getting a 100% unique, complete constructed deck.  There is no customizing your deck by switching cards in and out, what you get is what you get – which honestly might be a detractor to some.  On the other hand though, a “booster” deck is MSRP at $9.95 ($8.95 if you preorder) and there will not be another deck like yours.  If you don’t like your deck you just spend $9.95 and get a whole new deck or trade decks with other players. You don’t have to worry about hunting for cards or over thinking your build. The game is launching with a core set that includes two decks and the tokens to play the game for two players, and the first set of “booster” decks.

We will be taking pre-orders up til two weeks before official release date. When you preorders you will save 10% on Keyforge decks and Keyforge starter sets and be able to come into the store and pick up your new game without waiting.